I love being a therapist and am grateful for the opportunity to connect with clients who are committed to changing and improving their lives. With a blend of cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness, spiritual principles, and psychodynamic therapy, I will actively partner with you to co-create your empowered and authentic self so you can move toward living a deeper, freer, and more actualized life.

Each client situation and experience is unique, making our relationship a critical component for transformation. I collaborate with clients so they can accomplish their goals, find relief, and move toward happier, more fulfilling lives.

In the therapeutic process, I focus on helping clients gain clarity and finding the answers and solutions to their problems. With the proper tools, each client can ultimately become his or her own therapist.

Working together, I can help you increase integration of your intellect, body, emotions, and spirit to achieve a greater sense of well-being. I am an active partner in the therapeutic process and value progress over perfection. With intention, focus, and effort, you can identify and move toward manifesting your dreams.